So you're stressed? Maybe anxious?...

Constant tiredness...feeling jittery...tense/achey muscles...restless body...mind racing...

Feeling stressed or anxious is no joke, especially when you feel like that all the time. 

We've all been there. Everyone experiences this at some point. Some more than others. 

Sometimes it can be caused by a life event, maybe something happened at work or maybe its just the result of poor lifestyle habits. 

Either way the resources below will help you reduce, deal with and even eliminate stress & anxiety from your life. 

February 23, 2021

January 5, 2021

December 23, 2020

How would you describe your life right now?

(click which options feels most appropriate without too much thought)

Life feeling pretty smooth right now?

  • You're calm & steady with minor mood fluctuations
  • Able to take things in your stride
  • Consistently in a good place
  • Normal sleep patterns
  • Able to focus & concentrate
  • Can take feedback & action it without taking it personally

Who Can Help?

Check out the WellBeing Warehouse Webinars, & the Help Directory for other resources. 

Are you just surviving?

  • You're nervous, sometimes sad with fluctuating moods
  • Inconsistent at work
  • Easily overwhelmed or irritated
  • Trouble sleeping or eating
  • Things just seem less enjoyable in general
  • Low energy & constantly aching

Who Can Help?

Check out the WellBeing Warehouse Webinars & the Help Directory for other resources. 

Not sure you can keep going?

  • Persistent anxiety, stress, sadness or hopelessness
  • Exhausted
  • Poor work performance & difficulty making decisions
  • Avoiding interaction with people
  • Everything aches all the time
  • Self medicating with food, alcohol or drugs

Who Can Help?

Life feeling unsustainable?

  • You're completely distressed
  • Having panic attacks?
  • Having nightmares or flashbacks?
  • Unable to fall or stay asleep?
  • Thoughts of self harm or suicide?
  • Feeling numb, lost or out of control?
  • Dependent on food, alcohol or drugs to get through the day?

Who Can Help?

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